Google stops letting you unlock your Android phone with Voice Match – PhoneDog

Google stops letting you unlock your Android phone with Voice Match – PhoneDog

Google used to let you unlock your phone using the “Ok Google” phrase and the Voice Match feature, but that changed with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, and soon it’ll change on other Android devices too.

Google is getting rid of the ability to unlock your phone with Voice Match and the “Ok Google” phrase in a new update to the Google app. The folks at 9to5Google have discovered that with the update to Google app v9.27, the Moto Z and Pixel XL are no longer able to unlock with Voice Match. Instead, when you use “Ok Google” and your phone is locked, you’ll be able to send messages and access your email, calendar, contacts, reminders, memory aids, and shopping lists.

Google Assistant Voice Match unlock

This appears to be a server-side update, so not everyone is losing full Voice Match unlock right now. When the change arrives on your device, the “Unlock with Voice Match” toggle in your Assistant Settings will change to “Lock screen personal results”.

This change will require you to unlock your phone to perform some “Ok Google” voice actions, like playing music, but it does help to make your phone a bit more secure. That’s what’s important here, because a lot of people store important, personal information on their devices. Now that the less secure Unlock with Voice Match feature is being removed, it won’t be possible for a recording of your voice to be used to unlock your device.


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